Horse vets

Lameness Investigations

We have both a portable digital xray machine and an ultrasound scanner that can be brought out to your yard. In combination with nerve blocks (where local anaesthetic is injected into specific areas of the limb to determine where the pain is originating from), it is possible to diagnose most causes of lameness at your premises. All that we require is a flat level surface to trot your horse up on and a little patience – lameness investigations may take a while! Sometimes it is also useful to see a horse exercised on the lunge or under saddle.

If we need to carry out an xray or scan, we prefer the horse to be in a stable, out of bright light and on a level floor with the bed brushed back, with a power socket nearby.

Don’t worry if you don’t have these facilities at your yard, we can arrange for your horse or pony to be taken to Moreton stables were a more in depth investigation can be carried out. Remmer or Helen will advise you if this will be necessary.

Xrays & Ultrasonography

We provide a mobile Xray & Ultrasonography services at your yard. We have upgraded our equipment to the BCF TruDR LX - digital radiography unit. This brief-case sized system captures the best Xray images of your horse. It is extremely rugged and stable enough to use outdoors.

Xrays and Ultrasonography

Shockwave Therapy

Extra corporeal shockwave therapy (ECSWT) is a relatively new means of treating some tendon, ligament and bone conditions. During treatment a focused acoustic pressure wave is directed at the area of injury. It is particularly useful for the treatment of proximal suspensory desmititis (PSD) and ‘kissing spines’ where the supraspinous ligament is affected. Treatment provides short term pain relief and a long term improvement in healing.


Before considering buying a horse or pony, we would recommend that a full examination is carried out to make sure that he or she is fit and healthy and able to do the work that you require of it. It is always a good idea to be present when we examine your future horse or pony but is not essential. We will discuss our findings as soon as we can after the examination is finished. If you have any concerns about the horse before the vetting, then please do discuss them with us.

A 2 stage pre-purchase examination is a limited exam that is recommended for horses or ponies that can’t be lunged or ridden (especially unbroken youngsters). The examinations at rest and in hand are the same as those carried out in the 5 stage exam. Blood is taken and stored in the same way. Insurance companies may also request that similar examinations be performed prior to insuring the animal (this requirement often depends on the value of the animal).


What is a vetting?: A full 5 stage pre-purchase examination (or vetting) involves a thorough examination of the horse at rest, including the heart, lungs, eyes, teeth, legs, skin and conformation. The horse is then examined in hand at walk or trot. Flexion tests are performed to check whether there is any stiffness or pain in the joints that might indicate a potential problem. The horse or pony is then ridden (or lunged if unbroken but well handled) to check its movement and breathing during hard exercise. After a period of rest, the horse is then trotted up again to ensure that the exercise has not led to any lameness. A blood sample is collected and stored – this can be analysed for traces of sedative and anti-inflammatories immediately or for up to six months after the date of the vetting, if required.

AI & Full Reproductive Service

We offer a full reproductive service from pre-mating swabbing, through artificial insemination and pregnancy diagnosis. Breeding from your mare can be a worrying process, especially for the novice breeder. We will aim to guide you through the whole process and provide advice whenever it is needed, from choosing the stallion, through to weaning the foal. Please don’t be afraid to ask!


As one of the stages in the investigation of respiratory diseases, we are able to use an endoscope to visualise the nasal cavity, guttural pouches, larynx and trachea (windpipe). We can also take samples of any fluid or mucus found in these areas.


Remmer is a member of the Association of British Veterinary Acupuncturists and is happy to offer acupuncture for your horse or pony.

Full Dentistry Service

Whilst the old saying ‘no foot, no horse’ is certainly true, the same could be said of their teeth. Good quality routine dentistry is a very important aspect of the care of any horse, pony or donkey. Sharp, overgrown and malaligned teeth can cause obvious weight loss and quidding (dropping food when eating) but can also trigger poor performance when ridden, headshaking and ‘bad’ behaviour. We are equipped to carry out all aspects of dentistry including extractions and would recommend at least an annual check up and float for all animals, even those who aren’t ridden. Prevention is much easier than cure in this case!


Castrations are normally performed standing under sedation except in very small ponies and donkeys when a brief general anaesthetic is administered. Please see our information sheet on castrations.


We have a 3m video endoscope available to investigate any suspected cases of gastric ulceration. The video means that you get to watch too!

Riding School Inspection

We offer Riding School Inspections.

24 Hour Emergency Service

IN AN EMERGENCY - please call our service on 01209 823232

Many animals can fall ill or are injured outside of normal working hours, so we provide a full emergency service 24 hours a day.We can provide telephone advice for reassurance or a call-out, if required.

In the first instance, please contact the vets directly on our mobile telephones (Remmer 07717 025905, Helen 07795 680108).

If the vet is not available or if your call is urgent or requires immediate attention, please call our:

EMERGENCY SERVICE on 01209 823232

The emergency service will contact us directly and we will call you straight back.If your horse or pony requires surgery, you can rest assured that we maintain good relationships with two excellent local referral centres with outstanding reputations ensuring that you beloved animal gets the most advanced treatment as soon as possible.


We provide a mobile service for routine health checks, vaccinations, medical investigations, horse health and well being advice including 24 hour emergency cover.

We operate from 2 bases (Dorchester & Bramshaw) and offer a wide geographical coverage. Our region includes east and south Dorset and west Hampshire.

From west to east we cover from west of Dorchester to Southampton, including the New Forest. We are happy to travel north to Salisbury and cover the South Coast area.

Please get in touch even if your location is not quite in the described range as we are very flexible.

We travel to your yard or home to offer a highly professional service at a location that is convenient to you.