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Equine Veterinary Services

With over 20 years of experience in the equine veterinary field, our vets have a deep understanding of your horse's health and wellbeing. From leisure horses to competition stars, young foals to faithful old friends retired to grass, we will help you look after your horse or pony.

de Boer & Taylor - Lameness investigatations

Lameness Investigations

We have recently invested in a state of the art, gyroscopic lameness assessment programme that will be hugely beneficial in untangling the causes of poor performance issues and subtle lamenesses. We also have a portable digital Xray machine and ultrasound scanner, providing accurate, stable side diagnoses.

de Boer & Taylor - Vetting examinations

Pre-purchase Examinations

We carry out a large number of 5-stage vettings every year and would recommend that any horse or pony is examined prior to purchase to ensure that they are fit and healthy and able to do the work required of them.

de Boer & Taylor - Shockwave therapy

Shockwave Therapy

We can offer shockwave therapy (ECSWT) for treatment of soft tissue injuries alongside medical treatments such as PRP (platelet rich plasma) and stem cell therapy where appropriate.

de Boer & Taylor - Equine dental services

Equine Dental Services

We are equipped to carry out all aspects of first opinion dentistry work including extractions and treatment of diastemas as well as high quality floating. We have oroscopes to aid in diagnosing abnormalities and to allow you to view the inside of your horse's mouth.

de Boer & Taylor - Endoscopy and gastroscopy

Endoscopy & Gastroscopy

A 3m video endoscope is available to diagnose any suspected cases of stomach ulceration as well as a respiratory endoscope enabling us to investigate the larynx, guttural pouches and upper respiratory tract.

de Boer & Taylor - Reproductive procedures

AI & Reproductive Procedures

A full reproductive service from pre-mating swabbing, through artificial insemination and pregnancy diagnosis.

de Boer & Taylor - Equine surgery

Castrations & Surgery

Standing surgical procedures such as lump removals and castrations can be performed at your yard or a nearby facility for the more faint hearted!

de Boer & Taylor - Acupuncture


Remmer is a member of the Association of British Veterinary Acupuncturists and offers acupuncture services when required.

de Boer & Taylor - Emergency care

24 Hour Emergency Care

Animals can fall ill or are injured outside of normal working hours so we provide a full emergency service 24 hours a day.

We can discuss any aspect of your horse's health or management on the phone, if you are unsure whether a callout is necessary.