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Free Cushing’s Tests

Posted 2nd October 2015

Has your horse or pony ever suffered from laminitis? Is he or she a little hairier than usual or have they recently lost a bit of topline but are still looking a bit fat with a thick crest? Does your more ‘mature’ equine friend seem to have suddenly grown old?

Well, all of these are signs that your horse or pony may have developed Cushing’s disease. We are all aware of the curly haired pony that has had Cushing’s for years but some of the more subtle signs can be more difficult to spot. An increase in drinking and a wetter bed when mucking out, could be caused by Cushing’s disease.

What’s more, we now realise that this condition doesn’t just affect the oldies. Whilst it’s unusual to diagnose Cushing’s in individuals that are under 10 years old, horses in their prime competitive years can be affected.

Well the good news is until the end of October, there is no laboratory fee to have your horse or pony tested for Cushing’s. Testing during the autumn is the best time to identify the mild or early cases, allowing us to treat them and get them back on track before more serious symptoms set in. A simple blood test (with a small sampling and postage fee) can give peace of mind and help to keep our horses healthy for years to come.

Please contact the practice if you have any concerns that your horse or pony may be suffering from any of the symptoms discussed and we can arrange a quick and easy test.