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Microchipping of Horses in the UK 

Posted 16th September 2020

From 1st October 2020 it will be mandatory by law to have all horses, ponies and donkeys microchipped in England – regardless of age. The aim of this is to have all horses registered with the Central Equine Database to try and increase the chances of lost, abandoned or stolen horses being returned to their rightful owners.

Our hope is that this law will improve the welfare of Britain’s horses and help to prevent abuse and neglect. With a new Central Equine Database, the police and local authorities will be able to track down the owners of abandoned or dumped horses and ensure that people are held responsible for their actions. We see this as a huge step for equine welfare and are keen to support it however we can.

When a horse is abandoned, a lot of time is spent by the RSPCA and local authorities attempting to ascertain who is the legal owner. This new micro-chipping legislation will help to speed up this process and will therefore making re-homing faster and easier.

If your horse is not micro-chipped you may receive a compliance notice from your local authority, failure to comply with these regulations could result in a £200 fine.

If you have a routine appointment coming up throughout September please let us know if your horse needs a chip. We can then combine the procedure with your routine care.

Once your horse has been chipped, update your passport with your issuing organisation. You are able to create an account or “Digital Stable” on the Central Equine Database so you can update your horse’s ownership details, report your horse lost or stolen, or even check if a horse is legally for sale.

If your horse is not micro-chipped please contact us to get it done. If you are unsure whether your horse is chipped or not, be sure to let us know and we can scan them for you.