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Posted 8th June 2021

As the rate of grass growth in Dorset and The New Forest increases we need to start thinking about laminitis

Return to Work

Posted 16th April 2021

As many of our clients begin to bring their horses back into work, we rejoin Emily and William to see how they have progressed since January.

Sweet Itch

Posted 1st March 2021

As we move into the Spring, the warmer weather will increase midge activity in Dorset and New forest; causing Sweet Itch for many horses.


Posted 15th February 2021

It’s fair to say that every yard across Dorset and The New Forest has their own opinion on when and how to rug their horses.

Managing the Overweight Horse

Posted 22nd January 2021

In today’s video, we provide some tips to help get weight off your horse whilst the weather is still on our side.

Body Condition Scoring

Posted 21st January 2021

Your horse’s weight is entirely within your control and we are encouraging all our clients to discuss Body Condition Scoring.


Posted 16th December 2020

‘Mudfever’ can occur at any time of year due to trauma, wetness, parasites, immune conditions, liver disease and photo sensitivity.

Microchipping of Horses in the UK 

Posted 16th September 2020

From 1st October 2020 it will be mandatory by law to have all horses, ponies and donkeys microchipped in England – regardless of age.

Welcome Elizabeth Wright to Blandford!

Posted 3rd September 2020

Last year we welcomed Lizzie to the team at de Boer & Taylor and we are expanding our area in to Blandford and the DT11 area!