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The Equinosis Lameness Investigator

Posted 22nd February 2017

We are very excited to announce our most recent addition to our diagnostic services – a state of the art Lameness Locator by Equinosis.

Welcome new vet Charlie to the team!

Posted 28th October 2016

We welcome Charlie to the team, an experienced equine vet who has worked both locally in first opinion practice and equine referral hospitals.

Horse Health Checklist

Posted 27th September 2016

We are supporting Horse Health Week this year where the focus is on the small things that can make a difference to your horses’ health.

Equine Flu Amnesty for November

Posted 21st October 2015

With a case of equine flu recently, it is a timely reminder of the importance to keep up vaccinations to prevent infection.

Free Cushing’s Tests

Posted 2nd October 2015

Whilst it’s unusual to diagnose Cushing’s Disease in individuals that are under 10 years old, horses in their prime years can still be affected.

Nutrition for your horse

Posted 23rd September 2015

Unfortunately many horses and ponies suffer clinical disease from an inappropriate diet. This year, Horse Health Week is all about nutrition.

Parasite Control

Posted 22nd September 2015

Whilst we understand the need to worm our horses, many of us are not treating our horses in the most effective way.

Horse Health Week

Posted 20th September 2015

Next week is Horse Health Week so we’ll be bringing you lots of information on preventative health care in your horse!

Tips for Successful AI in Horses

Posted 25th July 2015

Artificial insemination in horses has been around for a considerable amount of time and has made a huge impact upon the horse breeding industry.